New Year, New Look

New Year, New..Us. From Ski town to Farm town and now to a Farm town with a growing outdoor community. Community is definitely the perfect word to describe the new feel for all outdoors enthusiasts in Chilliwack. When I first started back up in town, business was slow, very slow. There were certainly people who enjoyed the outdoors, but there wasn't much binding them all together, outside of tight knit circles of friends. With businesses such as; Mount Waddington's Outdoors, Vedder Mountain Bike co and various community groups, it feels like everyone has finally come out of the "shadows" and Chilliwack really feels like it is embracing its new status as an outdoor playground. With all this change in town, it has affected us too, a lot. Business is picking up year after year, to the point now that some weeks I'm completely overwhelmed(in a good way). Local businesses working together is also a big help to us, not just Peak, but New Moon Tea co as well. Starting as a small market stand with a few teas in Sardis Park, to a viable home based business that allows us to spend more time with our children. Businesses from Hope to Abbotsford, even compeditors, all working together to foster the fantastic entrepreneurial community that the Fraser Valley is so lucky to have. For myself, Mt. Waddingtons and Manning Park resort have been great businesses to work and collaborate with and we are looking forward to even more this year.

A rocky start to 2017 led to some tough days, but things are looking continually up for us at Peak and New Moon Tea co, stay tuned for many great things ahead. Thank you Chilliwack!