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Peak Ski and Snowboard Tuning

Born out of a desire for better service, where Ski and Snowboard servicing comes first, instead of being second place in a retail shop. Established in 2006 and open in Chilliwack since 2012, we are the Fraser Valleys only dedicated Ski and Snowboard Wax, Tune and Repair shop. We specialize in custom waxing and edging, tricky repairs and rush services, to get you on the mountain faster and to make sure you enjoy the best your equipment can be.

Make sure to have a look at our ever expanding services section for up to date listings. This year we are still offering pick up and delivery, rush service at no extra charge, open late and much much more.

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It's that time of year again ☀️🌴 Don't let your bases dry out, bring your #skis and #snowboards for
#tbt to Sunday. Can't believe how deep it was for my first day out.jpg

Service Options

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When to Wax

The best tip is to get a good visual feel for your bases. A freshly waxed ski will have a rich deep black look. As the wax dissipates it will look less black and more dull and chalky. If it looks gray instead of black it should be waxed asap (areas near the edge usually show this first). If it looks very gray and has a light fuzzy texture instead of smooth, it is long overdue. Come see us in Chilliwack for all your Ski and Snowboard Waxing and Repair jobs

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2016/17 Full Season Wax Card

Unlimited Hot Wax for 2013/14 Ski Season - $50

+ Discount on Summer Storage Package

(1 per ski/board)

Basic Tune

Hot Iron Wax and Edge Clean up - $20

Full Tune

Hot Iron Wax and Sharpen - $25

Basic Tune with Base Refresh

Hot Iron Wax, Base Refresh and Sharpen - $30

Major Tune

Hot Iron Wax, Sharpen, Base Re-texture, Minor Base Repair - $40

Single Options

Hot Iron Wax - $15 / X-Country

Base Refresh - $10/$15

Pick up and Delivery - $10

Edge Sharpen - $10

Edge Polish - $5

Rust Removal - $10

Binding Tune/Adjustment - $5-10

Snowboard Binding Mount - $10

Major and Minor Repairs

(prices approximate/quote will be given after inspection)

P-Tex Base repair - $5 per inch

De-Laminations and Top Sheet repairs - $10+

Core Shot - Base weld - $10 +

Edge Repair - $15 per 1/4 hour

Even with the amazing snow conditions this season, it's closing in on that bittersweet time of year.

Summer Storage

This includes a full clean, top, bottom, bindings and edges(rust). Filling the nicks and scratches, stone grinding and texturing of the base, sharpening, bevelling, de-tuning and de-burring of the edges. We then apply a thin coat of hot wax to the base and immediately scrape off to pull any dirt from the pores and do one more base clean. A soft universal wax is then applied to protect the base from drying
out over the summer, wax is also coated on the edges to prevent rusting. After summer is over and the snow line drops further down the mountains, bring in your skis/board and we will scrape off the summer storage wax and apply a new coat of wax that will be scraped, brushed and ready to go for season opening.
$50 - with minor P-Tex
$40 -without
Discount for those who have purchased a 2016/17 Full Season Wax Card


Opening Hours

Daytime Drop Off Available through New Moon Tea co

Mon - Wed: 4 pm-9pm
Thurs - Fri: 11 am-9pm
Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: By Appointment

Please contact us for off hours bookings.

Hours subject to change, please follow our social medial pages for updates. You may also call, text or email for bookings.


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